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About Shuriken

Shuriken is a board game of ninja combat for 2-5 players. Custom dice, a modular game board, 100 game cards and 250 plastic ninja figures bring fast-paced ninja warfare to the gaming table — at least, with a little help from Kickstarter and the board game community (see the Shuriken Board Game Geek entry here).

On one long summer night every ten years the ninja clans take to the streets to vie for control of the ninja council. Combat erupts across the city as ninja appear from the shadows and leap off walls, silencing the opposition and learning secret ninjitsu techniques. By the time the sun rises, blood fills the streets, buildings are in ruin, and a new clan will lead the ninja council for the next decade.

Shuriken Board Game

Shuriken takes place over the course of eight rounds, each round representing one hour of the night. Each player takes control of a unique ninja Clan and 50 plastic ninja representing unarmed, sword, shuriken, and master ninja. During the game players place, move, and upgrade their ninja forces as they attempt to complete Mission Cards and capture as many enemy ninja as possible.

Each player may take 3 actions on their turn, choosing between:

  • Bring more ninja onto the board
  • Move ninja
  • Upgrade unarmed ninja to a different type
  • Initiate combat with another ninja Clan

Movement is simple and the number of ninja that can move and the number of squares they can move, is determined by techniques learned by completing Mission Cards.

Shuriken unarmed ninja mini

Combat is fast and simple: all of the ninja on any one game board tile participate — there is no counting spaces or determining who is adjacent to whom. These are ninja: they fly through the air, leap off walls, and throw weapons through windows. Combat is resolved by rolling one custom Shuriken die per ninja participating, and each hit represents a casualty. Combat is fast and deadly … and it can spread to cause damage to the very game board. If a game board tile takes too much damage it is flipped to the destroyed side and loses any benefit the tile gave to players.

The game is won by the player with the most victory points at the end of the game. Victory points are earned by capturing enemy ninja, and by completing Mission Cards. To learn more you can download the rulebook.

Shuriken Components

We’ve been posting about various Shuriken components as the initial graphic design and art comes in. You can get a closer look at each of these and the role they play in the game by following the link in the component list below:
Shuriken Clan Card

  • Box approximately 12″ x 12″ x 3.5″ with molded vacuum tray
  • Rulebook about 12″ x 12″, 8 pages, full color
  • 12 double-sided high-quality chipboard game tiles
  • 250 plastic ninja: 50 each of 5 colors. Each color (one for each player) has:
    • 24 Unarmed Ninja
    • 12 Sword Ninja
    • 12 Shuriken Ninja
    • 2 Master Ninja
  • 20 poker-sized Hour of Night cards
  • 80 poker-sized Mission cards
  • 5 clan cards
  • 10 custom 6-sided dice, black with white icons
  • 42 glass beads to track damage to the board

 About the Designers

Jon Cazares is a veteran gamer who is probably best known for running the Cthulhu Masters and Novos Ordo Seclorum tournaments at GenCon.

Brian Wood worked for many years at Fantasy Flight Games and later ran Hyperion Games where he published the Dilbert Board Game. Brian is currently on the team that runs Awesome Dice.

Jon and Brian began work on Shuriken back in 2009, but with no way to pay for the massive cost of printing a big box board game, the initial prototype and rules were left on the shelf for years. With Kickstarter opening doors for games and Awesome Enterprise to fund the development, Jon and Brian began work on it again in 2012 with plans to launch the Kickstarter in early to mid 2013.

The Shuriken Kickstarter

Printing a high quality board game is expensive. When you start adding in lots of plastics and custom dice it becomes very expensive. Awesome Enterprise has paid for the graphic design, most of the art, and the prototypes for blind playtesting for the game development, but we’re relying on gamers to fund the printing of the game via Kickstarter.

Designer and Awesome Enterprise founder Brian Wood is experienced at publishing commercial-quality board games and will manage the printing process for Awesome Enterprise.

Kickstarter funds will go toward completing the game board artwork, printing the game, shipping the finished game overseas, producing additional Kickstarter backer rewards, and shipping the game and rewards to Kickstarter backers.shuriken-shuriken-ninja

We know that our funding goal is higher than many other board game Kickstarters. This is because we aren’t an existing manufacturer with deep pockets to pay for most of the print run ourselves; because we’re creating an expensive game to produce; and because we’ve done our legwork to accurately determine the cost to print and deliver the game to our backers. While a higher funding goal is an obstacle to perception, it’s also an advantage to our backers because with this goal we know that we can deliver this awesome game with the high manufacturing quality that gamers demand.
If you’re interested in supporting the Kickstarter or just getting a copy of Shuriken for yourself, please head over to our Kickstarter page.

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