Shuriken Kickstarter Launches

Shuriken BoxAfter nine months of continuous effort, the Shuriken Kickstarter has finally launched! You can find the Shuriken Kickstarter project Here.

Shuriken is a board game of ninja warfare that will come with 250 plastic ninja. Awesome Enterprise has been funding development of the project since late 2012. We have contracted artwork and graphic design, put together playtest prototypes and managed nation-wide blind playtesting. The game is now in excellent shape and gathering great reviews from playtesters, and we’re now ready to show it to the world.

Check out the Kickstarter page or the Shuriken page here on Awesome Enterprise to learn more about how the game plays or even download the entire rulebook, and see graphics from the game.

Most Popular Dice

Today Awesome Dice shares data on the most popular gaming dice, breaking it down to the most popular dice set types, most popular colors of dice, and the top 10 most popular dice sets:

It’s no secret that we gamers love dice — heck, we built a business around it. So we thought it would be fun to take a look at exactly what kinds of dice gamers like the most. With the tens of thousands of dice we sell each year, we figure there aren’t many businesses around that sell more dice than we do so we’re in a unique position to know what kinds of dice are most popular to gamers. And we love sharing data!

This data is all based on sales on Awesome Dice, and we’re counting number of purchases for each dice type. This data set is looking at all of 2012 sales — if there’s enough interest, we’ll continue posting this kind of information every year. … Read Full Post.