Awesome Enterprise Funding Shuriken Board Game Kickstarter

Shuriken is a ninja-themed board game created by Jon Cazares and Awesome Enterprise’s Brian Wood. Original design of the game began in 2009, but with no way to pay the huge cost of printing a big box board game with hundreds of plastic minis, the prototype and rules were left on the shelf for years.

Now with Kickstarter changing the way the board game industry operates, Awesome Enterprise is funding completion of the game and a Kickstarter campaign to try to raise the money to get it printed. Awesome Enterprise funds will go toward graphic design, sculpts, and some of the artwork needed, as well as money to build prototypes and market the Kickstarter campaign.

The Shuriken development is nearly complete, and the game is now moving outside of the close-knit playtesters into a wider range of playtesters.

Currently we are aiming for a Kickstarter campaign to launch in spring or summer 2013. While the next playtest phase happens, Awesome Enterprise is beginning to source art and design components. If all stays on track, in spring the game will be ready for blind playtesting and that feedback will be incorporated into the Kickstarter version.

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