How to Ink GameScience Dice

Today Awesome Dice has a guide on how to ink GameScience precision dice:

A lot of gamers are big fans of the GameScience precision dice, with their sharp edges that are supposed to roll closer to true than most other RPG gaming dice. How much of a difference there is between GameScience dice and dice produced by other gaming dice manufacturers remains a debate, but defenders of Game Science dice have a lot of logical arguments on their side.

The one problem that all gamers will face when purchasing Game Science precision dice, however, is that the number on the dice are not inked. In order to easily use the dice for gaming, you first need a way to fill in the numbers to make them easy to read. … See Full Post.

Awesome Dice Releases Free Virtual Dice Roller Widget

Today Awesome Dice announced the release of a free virtual dice roller widget — or actually a series of three widgets, including different ones for different games.

Here at Awesome Dice there’s really only one thing that we do: provide dice for people (in exchange for digital money, of course). But no matter how many dice you have, or how awesome those dice are, sometimes you find yourself without your dice and with the need to roll dice.

Happily Awesome Dice is now here for that too!

Awesome Dice has just released our free WordPress dice roller widgets. If you have a self-hosted WordPress blog, you can install any one of our 3 dice roller widgets (depending on the game that you want to be able to roll dice for) and spread the dice rolling ability to the rest of the diceless masses. … See Full Post.