How Dice Are Made

Over at Awesome Dice, we explain exactly how dice are actually manufactured:

Most gamers are content to hunt up the coolest looking dice sets around and use them to slay dragons without worrying about the process that goes into the manufacture of the dice.

But for the more curious gamers out there we thought it’d be nice to go over exactly how dice are made.

It’s worth noting before we go into detail that there are different manufacturing processes for different kinds of dice. Even within the world of standard mass-produced plastic dice there are variations. We’re focusing here on your standard D&D dice, which covers just about any gaming dice. We’ll also touch on variations in the manufacturing process that are used for casino dice. … See Full Post.

Awesome Dice is Open

The Awesome Dice store is now open to the public!

Well, thTranslucent blue 36d6 dice cubee process of getting the store up and running smoothly and securely took a lot more time than we had hoped, but at long last Awesome Dice is open and ready to ship out hundreds of different dice sets.

Certainly the most time consuming part of the process, aside from building the store, was actually getting the photography of all of the dice sets completed. One of the top concerns we had when we decided to start a dice store was to make sure to have really good photos of the dice sets so it was very clear exactly what they looked like and so gamers would know what they were getting. … See the full post.