Awesome Dice

Awesome Dice is an online dice store started by Awesome Enterprise in 2011. The goal of Awesome Dice is to find the coolest-looking dice and dice bags manufactured by companies or individual crafsmen and bring them all together in one place. Awesome Dice uses great photography with true color-balancing to let gamers see what the dice they’re shopping for are going to really look like when they show up on their doorstep.

In addition to finding and selling the coolest dice out there, Awesome Dice also works to give back to the great gaming community that is its customers by conducting dice and gaming-related research as well as developing free tools for gamers.

This research includes dice randomness testing, publishing a cool history of dice that anyone who slings polyhedrals will find interesting, and releasing free virtual dice roller widgets for use on WordPress blogs when the real thing isn’t at hand.

Awesome Dice has grown enormously since launching and continues to expand its offerings and explore new ways to bring the coolest dice and dice information to gamers. See the official site.

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