Shuriken Mission Cards

This is a Shuriken preview post. In Shuriken, Mission Cards give players an additional way to gather victory points, and to accumulate techniques that will aid them in combat.

Shuriken Mission Card

Shuriken comes with a deck of 80 Mission Cards. Players have a hand of Mission Cards and as they are completed players lay the Mission Cards face-up in front of them, gaining the benefit of the technique. Each Mission Card has three elements:

  1. A Mission, or what a player needs to do to get the benefit of the card.
  2. A Technique, representing some kind of in-game advantage granted by the card.
  3. Victory Points, which along with number of captured ninja, determine the winner at the end of the game.

Many Mission Cards offer both a useful technique and victory points. Others, like the example above, don’t grant victory points and instead offer only an in-game advantage. All of the discard (one-use) Mission Cards give zero victory points, so players are encouraged to use them.

In terms of game play, Mission Cards help give players direction as they play. Most missions require some kind of combat, often against specific other players, to keep the players interacting with each other. Players have a choice between working to complete Mission Cards, or just launching into combat against the best target on the board.

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