Shuriken: Call for Playtesters

Development of the Shuriken board game is now entering the final phase: open blind playtesting. We need volunteers to blind playtest prototypes of the board game.

In the blind playtesting phase players play the game without any help from the designers — they just have the prototype and the rules. Blind playtesting is a good way of finding poorly worded sections of the rules.

In open blind playtesting the game is played by complete strangers — and as many of them as possible — to gather as much feedback as possible from as many new eyes as possible. The more people who see the game before production, the more errors they can spot, and the more the game can be balanced.

What’s Involved

We have made a limited quantity of hand-made prototypes of Shuriken. These are not finished games. This is cards printed out on a desktop printer, cut out, and put in card sleeves. Board on cardstock rather than actual gameboard. The figures are spraypainted plastic zombies standing in for ninjas. Prototypes also do not included finished art (some, but mostly not).

If you just want to try out a fun new game, blind playtesting is not for you. In blind playtesting we’re asking you to play the game in a timely fashion and provide detailed feedback on the game — not just if you liked it or not, but feedback about everything from ability balance to spotting typos to things unclear in the rules to length of gameplay and just everything else.

We want playtesters with a reliable group of gamers willing to test out a game prototype, play at least one game within a week or so of receiving the prototype, and who can play multiple games.

If this sounds like you, we’ll be happy to mail you a prototype of the game. And for your assistance we’ll also send you a free copy of the published game if the Kickstarter is successful, as well as giving you playtester credit in the rulebook.

How to Apply

If you’d like to be a blind playtester for Shuriken, just email the following information to

  • Indicate your interest in the Shuriken playtest
  • Tell us your name
  • Do you have a reliable group of gamers?
  • Will you be able to playtest the game within about a week of receiving it?
  • Are you willing to email us detailed feedback?
  • How many times do you think you’ll be able to run the game?
  • Do you have more than one group that you can playtest with?

Please be aware that we have a limited number of prototypes (they take a ridiculous amount of time to make by hand, even in their crude format) and will not necessarily be able to send everyone who inquires a prototype.

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