Shuriken Miniatures

This is a Shuriken update post. One of the most exciting things about the Shuriken board game is the 250 plastic ninja that come with the game. Here on the Shuriken design team we’re incredibly excited to finally have the chance to show off what these plastic ninja will look like!

Unarmed Ninja

Shuriken unarmed ninja mini

The Unarmed Ninja is the basic unit of Shuriken. When players spend an action to bring new ninja onto the board, it is Unarmed Ninja that are brought in. The Unarmed Ninja are the weakest of the four ninja types in Shuriken, with only a one in six chance of scoring a hit. However they are essential in combat if for no other reason than to soak up the casualties dealt out by the enemy.

As you might imagine, Clans have more Unarmed Ninja than any other type.

Shuriken Ninja


The namesake of the game, Shuriken are one of the advanced ninja. Players can spend an action to train two of their Unarmed Ninja into ninja of another type. Shuriken Ninja have two in six chances of scoring a hit in combat, but on one of those two chances they can get a double hit, taking out two enemies.

The greatest strength of the Shuriken Ninja in the game is that they attack first in combat, before Sword or Unarmed Ninja, so a strong force of Shuriken Ninja has the chance to clear out all enemies before the enemy has a chance to attack.

We chose to have the Shuriken Ninja sculpted in a crouched down position to give it a substantially different silhouette, to make it easy to stop the ninja type at a glance.

Sword Ninja


Sword Ninja are the heaviest hitters in Shuriken. They have a two in six chance of scoring a hit in combat plus an additional one in six chance of getting a double hit. Thus a Sword Ninja hits half the time on average.

The Sword Ninja is sculpted with particularly large upraised sword again to make it easy to stop the figure’s silhouette on the game board. Because the figures will be injection molded with soft plastic rather than resin, the sword on the figures will bend rather than break when dropped — at which point you can just straighten it out again.

Master Ninja

shuriken-master-ninjaMaster Ninja are the strongest ninja in the game, as it should be. Each Clan can only have one Master Ninja on the board at a time, and Clans only have access to two Master Ninja (so if both are captured, you must then do without).

Master Ninja participate in every phase of combat: shuriken, sword, and unarmed. Players want to avoid having their Master Ninja captured, and as such it’s safest to make sure your Master Ninja travels in the company of other ninja that can be chosen as casualties in battle.

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